IKEA Cam Wheel Locks - Which one does your bed use?

TUE, JUN 29, 2021, 04:55 AM UTC

To achieve a strong connection between the bed frame head/foot boards and the rails, IKEA often use an eccentric cam wheel fitting solution. The cam fitting creates a very strong connection that at the same time is easy and exact to install. However, IKEA have at least three different such systems for their bed frames which can cause an headache when you're trying to locate the correct spare parts. Here we will present the most common ones that you can encounter.

The larger wheels

screws 114670 Cam Wheel (Large / 35mm). The larger IKEA wheel locks are also the most common ones. They are used on a variety of bed frames, including MALM, BRIMNES, TYSSEDAL, BJORKSNAS, SONGESAND most famously being used on the MALM queen bed. The part number is 114670 and the wheels are 35mm in diameter, which equals a little more than 1-1/4". If the holes in your bed frame are roughly that size, then you probably need the 114670 wheels. If you also need a dowel pin that's compatible with this wheel, then the part number 114671 is what you might need. There are several dowels used with this wheel lock, so make sure you know the part number you need before you place an order. The 114670 wheels can be found on Amazon using this link:
ReplacementScrews Bed Frame Cam Wheel Locks for IKEA Part 114670 (MALM, SONGESAND, BRIMNES).

The smaller wheels

screws 115349 Cam Wheel (Small / 25mm). The smaller wheel, part 115349, is often confused with the larger 114670 because of the similar look. They are however different in size and not interchangeable. This wheel is mainly used in TYSSEDAL and HEMNES for attaching the headboards. Some bed frames use both the 114670 and the 115349, so make you you get the one you need. This wheel is 25mm in diameter, which is about one inch. These wheels can be found on Amazon using this link:
ReplacementScrews Cam Wheel Locks for IKEA Part 115349 (TYSSEDAL, HEMNES).

The half-moon shaped wedges

If you got this far and non of the above mentioned wheels seem to be the right ones for you, then it's possible that you have the MALM king bed frame, which uses a different type of hardware than the wheels. The reason it's included here is because it's often confused with the other MALM beds that does use cam wheel locks, and we're hoping that you who read this will avoid that mistake. While we don't carry the correct part for your frame, we can at least prevent you from buying the wrong parts. If the hole in your bed frame rails are almost 2", and there is a threaded rod sticking into the holes whhen assembled, then you do not need the above wheel locks. Instead, you need a crescent, half-moon, shaped wedge that pulls the bed frame together. We're hoping to have this part in stock soon, so check back again if you're on the lookout for those.


Now that you know the differences between the most common bed frame connection we hope that you will be able to order the part that you need. If you have any doubt at all, feel free to contact us from the contact page ad we'll do our best to answer your questions in a timely manner. Before placing an order, it's always advisable to try to locate the exact manual for your furniture to assure yourself that you're getting the correct hardware. Below are a few more links to related hardware if needed.
ReplacementScrews Bed Frame Bolts for IKEA Part 114671
ReplacementScrews Bed Frame Nuts for IKEA Part 114254 (MALM, HELLEFJORD).

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